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Getting In Shape To Play Ice Hockey

Your school probably has an ice hockey team if you live up north. It’s a competitive and intimidating sport. This makes the task of getting on the team pretty difficult. Those who do make it, but aren’t physically up to playing, often face injuries we commonly associate with ice hockey players. They get knocked down, lose teeth and break limbs. All of which will have you out for at least a game. These injuries may even stop you from competing for the rest of the season.

In short, it’s important to get in shape before you try out or begin playing. Even if you’re just playing amateur ice hockey in the neighborhood, being in shape can keep you safe and help you prevent injury. Here are a few tips to help you do it.

Ice Hockey: Get In Shape By Skating For Fun

This will help you train your endurance. You may be able to skate, but can you keep up with activity for hours? An ice hockey player must be able to give his all on the ice, sometimes for hours on end. Skating around at the local rink or a lake that’s frozen over will give you the chance to practice skating for a longer amount of time, and to get faster while doing it.

Balance is also extremely important in this sport. Other players can get pretty violent when they’re trying to make a shot. While you’re skating, have others practice bumping into you. See if you can maintain your balance while you’re doing this. That way, you won’t be so unprepared when it happens to you in the game.

Ice Hockey: Get In Shape By Practicing Your Aim

A huge component of ice hockey is scoring points and preventing the other team from doing so. Reflexes and aim are just as important as brute strength and endurance. It doesn’t have to be skating season for you to practice making goals. You can easily do this while rollerskating as well. Just make sure you have a Goally trying to block you from scoring. You can get a family member to do this.

Do Strength Workout And Cardio At The Gym

Achieving the right body for this sport can’t be achieved by just practicing the game. You also have to put in an effort to workout. You need to build up the muscles in your shoulders and arms so you can swing properly. Cardio is also important for you to be able to keep up with the activity of skating.

If you only have a limited amount of time to spend at the gym, make sure you hit the treadmill and the weights. If you can’t make it to the gym at all, go jogging around your neighborhood and do push-ups. You may also want to do squats. The strength of your legs can also be important when trying to gain speed o the ice. Remember, skating isn’t just about endurance.

The More Effort You Put In, The Better You’ll Be Able To Play The Game

No one’s ever become a big ice hockey star by just laying around. You need to hit the gym, get out there on the ice and practice competing. That’s how the professional ice hockey players stay in shape. It’s time for you to follow their example.

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